• Trade Finance is a complex domain with lots of uncertainties as it involves both domestic and cross border trades and touches almost all business entities
  • Absence of experienced in-house resources and a lack of awareness of risks associated with different payment mechanism means dependence on Banks for advice
  • Need expertise to manage various risks involved:
    • Foreign Exchange Risk
    • Country Risk
    • Documentary Risk
    • Bank Risk
  • Needs a thorough understanding of the important and often confusing trade terms
  • Stakes are very high & this means that margin of error has to be really low

We bring in a valuable experience of nearly 25 years into the domain of Trade Finance, Structured Products and Trade Credit Insurance. From our learning, we understand how Banks and other Financial Institutions operate in these fields and with hands-on working knowledge in the industry, we know the various nuances and complexities involved.

Our core competency lies in our expertise to handle various financial instruments & complex structures and we constantly strive to educate our customers about them. By virtue of staying in this field for such a long time has helped us forging a healthy and fruitful relationship with industry veterans and we can boast of having created a distinctive impact and value in all our dealings.M.M Consultants


We believe in bringing in a unique value proposition to all our clients in whatever services we offer to them and try to become their first recall partner of choice.

Customer service is something which comes naturally to us and we continue to liaise with our customers even after the transaction has been successfully concluded







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