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Trade receivables are one of the main assets on a company’s balance sheet. With credit insurance, the company can protect both its current and future cash flow as well as its profits and free up resources to concentrate on more ‘value added’ activities including new business.M.M Consultants

Credit insurance protects the insured company against the failure of its customer to pay their trade credit debts owed to it. These debts that can arise as a result of that customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within agreed terms and conditions (i.e. ‘protracted default’).

We offer our services as Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters for deals related to Trade Credit Insurance. We utilize our in-house expertise in Structured Finance area which helps us decipher the complexities of Insurance wrapped deals and come out with appropriate strategy for our clients. We liaise with various stakeholders of an Insurance Policy including attorneys and legal counsels to understand the laws of land and ascertain any conflicts with Trade Finance rules and guidelines

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