We impart technical know-how of the trade finance world, and keep your organisation abreast with latest developments.

A new era is emerging in the world of Trade Finance. Technology continues to transform the environment and is fast becoming the mainstay of this industry. It becomes imminent to abreast oneself with the latest so not to be left behind.

At M.M Consultants, we customize our program to meet the specific training needs of corporate ensuring that the investment done produces trainings that stick and provide results.

How our Training & Workshop programme is designed:

M.M Consultants


Some of the topics that we conduct training on:

  • UCP600 and best practices in documentary credit
  • URC522
  • ISBP
  • ISP 98
  • FEMA & FEDAI regulations
  • Miscellaneous topics of trade finance viz. FactoringForfaitingRPACredit Insurance etc.

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