What’s on Offer

Trade Finance Advisory

Advice, Support and Assistance in the following areas:

Import/Export TransactionsPage image_10 Why Expert Advice

    • Contract of Sale – Drafting of payment conditions
    • Negotiate terms of LC as per UCP 600 and FEMA
    • LC issuance/advising and coordination with banks
    • LC Documentation as per ISBP and UCP 600
    • Buyer’s Credit and Supplier’s Credit
    • Handling of Clean Payment and Collection documents
    • Executing Bank Payment Obligation transactions
    • Export/Import Financing

Domestic Trades

    • Collection documents
    • Local LC issuance
    • Documents preparation
    • Credit Insurance
    • Bill of Exchange discounting
    • Assignment of LC receivables

Training & WorkshopsPage image_5

    • UCP600 and best practices in documentary credit
    • URC522
    • ISBP
    • ISP
    • FEMA & FEDAI regulations
    • Miscellaneous  topics of trade finance viz. Factoring, Forfaiting, RPA, Credit Insurance etc.

Consultancy Services & Audit

    • Independent audit of trade finance processes
    • Independent audit of internal work flows, working procedures & manuals
    • Drafting of appropriate strategy in trade finance, setting up limits & monitoring systems
    • Trade Finance risks management and creation of internal SOP & rules for risk approval 
    • Expert opinion in relation to trade finance issues and fraud prevention


Structured Trade Finance

Our objective is to create additional value for our customers in global trade finance markets. M.M Consultants works closely with customer’s business to provide innovative financial solutions which are based on trade flows of various commodities and other products. Our trade structuring expertise aids in mitigating documentary, cross-border and credit risks associated with trade finance.Structured Trade Finance

M.M Consultants brings in highly specialized risk management and operational excellence to the customer. Our understanding of the commercial aspects of global trade has allowed us to build innovative funding solutions to tackle specific customer objectives which include:

  • Supplier’s and Buyer’s credit
  • Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee and Standby LC
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Trade Receivable Discounting
  • Collateralized lending
  • Warehouse financing
  • Balance Sheet management


Loss Assessors & Loss Adjuster Services

Trade receivables are one of the main assets on a company’s balance sheet. With credit insurance, the company can protect both its current and future cash flow as well as its profits and free up resources to concentrate on more ‘value added’ activities including new business.

Credit insurance protects the insured company against the failure of its customer to pay their trade credit debts owed to it. These debts that can arise as a result of that customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within agreed terms and conditions (i.e. ‘protracted default’).

We offer our services as Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters for deals related to Trade Credit Insurance. We utilize our in-house expertise in Structured Finance area which helps us decipher the complexities of Insurance wrapped deals and come out with appropriate strategy for our clients. We liaise with various stakeholders of an Insurance Policy including attorneys and legal counsels to understand the laws of land and ascertain any conflicts with Trade Finance rules and guidelines.

Executive Search Services:

M.M Consultants offers research-based and customized executive search and leadership consulting services in the domain of Trade Finance. We come with a team of professionals who have strong hands-on experience in Trade Finance field and help you spot the best leadership talent in the core area of Trade Finance (Back-office, Mid-Office and Front Office) and related fields viz. Treasury, Trade Documentation, Freight Forwarding etc.

We take pride in bringing in a unique value proposition to our clients in terms of our approach to executive search services. To start with, we manage a limited number of engagements, which are personalized and bespoke, instead of churning numbers with little focus on quality. executive_Search

Secondly, ours is a set-up run by ex-Trade Finance professionals who understand and appreciate the nuances of this complex and specialized functional area. With a strong industry knowledge and awareness of latest Trade Practices and Compliance Regulations, we are better poised than others in the field to guide and advise our clients on a host of related areas & requirements.

And finally what sets us apart from other generalists in the executive search world is our strong experience and subject-matter expertise in the highly specialized core field of Trade Finance. Our expert panel has an overall 18+ years of experience in the field and that helps us to put candidates through a rigorous knowledge & acumen based screening process before being referred to our clients. This makes sure that the overall hiring process is cut down by a great extent in terms of time and effort for our clients, as they get to interact only with the most eligible and fitting candidates who are best suited for the job.