Trade Finance Advisory

Advice, Support and Assistance in the following areas:

Import/Export Transactions

  • Contract of Sale – Drafting of payment conditions
  • Negotiate terms of LC as per UCP 600 and FEMA
  • LC issuance/advising and coordination with banks
  • LC Documentation as per ISBP and UCP 600Page image_15 Whats on offer
  • Buyer’s Credit and Supplier’s Credit
  • Handling of Clean Payment and Collection documents
  • Executing Bank Payment Obligation transactions
  • Export/Import Financing

Domestic Trades

  • Collection documents
  • Local LC issuance
  • Documents preparation
  • Credit Insurance
  • Bill of Exchange discounting
  • Assignment of LC receivables

Training & Workshops

  • UCP600 and best practices in documentary credit
  • URC522
  • ISBPwhy us
  • ISP
  • FEMA & FEDAI regulations
  • Miscellaneous  topics of trade finance viz. Factoring, Forfaiting, RPA, Credit Insurance etc.

Consultancy Services & Audit

  • Independent audit of trade finance processes
  • Independent audit of internal work flows, working procedures & manuals
  • Drafting of appropriate strategy in trade finance, setting up limits & monitoring systems
  • Trade Finance risks management and creation of internal SOP & rules for risk approval 
  • Expert opinion in relation to trade finance issues and fraud prevention