Company Profile

M.M Consultants was started to cater to various customers in the niche area of Trade & Structured Finance. We firmly believe that customers need to understand the subtleties of Trade Finance domain and they should be able to make an informed decision.

M.M Consultants strives to help clients identify and exploit the right opportunities in the area of Trade and Structured Finance, Treasury and Trade Credit Insurance. We impart expertise to our clients in the area of Trade Finance to enable them mitigate their various risks.  We help businesses define and identify theirPage image_11 company profile needs and discover the hidden value in existing supply chain resulting in additional benefit to the bottom line which gives them an upper edge vis-a-vis their competitors.

You will find us quite different from run of the mills consulting firms in a way that we don’t propagate one size fits all theory. We acknowledge that each of our clients has unique challenges, needs and operating environments, so we design specific solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We try to provide a one-stop solution to all our customers in the domain of Trade Finance and related area and guide them according to their requirements. We take proud in letting our customers know that we act as a trusted advisor and bankable partner for all their Trade Finance related matters.